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Meet the face behind Pawz!

(Grab a cup of tea and have a read)

Hello! I’m Maisie, owner and CEO of Walking Pawz. (Not your average CEO, I'm usually covered in dog hair, slobbers and smelling of kibble!) 

I am however your typical dog lover, I have grown up with multiple dogs in my household and it goes without saying, I have loved them my entire life.  

The story of Pawz started back in March 2020. I had an office job and I was desperate to escape to 9-5 life for a fulfilling career with dogs - I just couldn't work out how. 

On the 16th of March 2020 I decided to hand my notice in and go out on my own adventure - Pawz was born! 

However, 7 days later the UK and the rest of the world was put into a national lockdown. One hour of exercise outside each day. No mixing with other households. No travelling. 

My plan to launch and start a successful business was halted -

and very abruptly at that! 

I spent months heavily researching, reading, learning and educating myself all about dogs. I launched a Facebook page (I remember have 6 likes and being over the moon), I drew up some leaflets, some A4 posters and I signed up to EVERY possible dog related content on the internet. 

I spent 3 months with no clients dropping leaflets door to door everyday, hanging up posters and walking friend and families dogs for free whilst listening to podcasts on dogs body language, how they communicate and so, so so many more. 

It was that real cold start up business that everyone tells you not to do right in the middle of a global pandemic(!!). 

What I learned from all of this was the dog walking world was completely unregulated. There are no specific guidelines, no tests, no insurances, no checks that need to be done in order for you to become a dog walker - I know, I did it!

There my passion was set alight. I wasn't just a business owner and I wasn't just a dog walker (I actually wasn't a dog walker as I had no clients!), I was someone who wanted to enthuse change. To create rules and regulations in an unregulated industry. I wanted people to know that when they were handing over their pets it was to someone who knew what they were doing, someone who could be trusted to look after their family member.  

From cold start lockdown to my first walk August 1st 2020, - if you meet me that is a STORY to tell! - Pawz now has 4 professional caged, air conditioned vans, with fans, non-slip soft matting in each cage, a team of 5 full time dog walkers, 2 full time pet sitters, over 210 dogs registered and around 1,000 walks a month happening. A lot of steps. 

The team @ Pawz are all just as passionate as each other to build a brand that is recognised for its love of dogs, it's professionalism day to day and its aspiration to inflict change to an industry.

In 2020 I  turned what I loved, into what I do and I'll never look back. 🙏🏼 I hope I get the chance to show you just how much I love dogs - because if you haven't already guessed, I really really love them.  

Much love,

Maisie @ Pawz

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